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FHU Monthly Web Subscription
Web Subscription - $12 Per Month

FHU Monthly Web Subscription

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 "I am delighted that we have added several premium features in the basic paid web subscription at no additional cost to you. You now get much more than ever before for your $12/mo or $120/year."

– Roy Masters, Founder, FHU

Your monthly web subscription (billed once per month) includes:

• Advice Line Radio Archives
All radio programs since 2005

• New Insights (magazine)
All archived issues since 2003

• Sunday Conversations Video Archives
Over 100 hours of video back to May 2008

• Audio & Video Lectures
Selected 1980 Video Lectures and Complimentary Audios

• Seminars
1998 Boston & Philadelphia Seminars

• Lecture of the Month
Includes new lectures, 2007 Freedom Seminar, 2006 Healing Seminar, 1999 Los Angeles Seminar.

• Tape of the Month
The cream-of-the-crop from each month’s radio shows and archives

• 2008 Labor Day Seminar
Watch all 3 days of the 2008 Seminar at The Ranch – 18 hours of video.

• Special Feature – listen to Understanding Cancer

Thank you for supporting the
Foundation of Human Understanding!

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On the 25th of each month, your credit card will be charged $12.
There is no fixed time period for membership and you can cancel at any time.
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