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How To Conquer Suffering Without Doctors - PDF Download
How To Conquer Suffering Without Doctors - PDF Download

How To Conquer Suffering Without Doctors - PDF Download

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How To Conquer Suffering
Without Doctors

By Roy Masters
235 Page Downloadable E-Book
- Format - Adobe PDF

This eBook is fully searchable by phrase and keyword and will allow printing and copying.

People Grow On You. They Also Get Under Your Skin...
Learn how to stop depending on others for your well-being.
Understand the hidden connection between physical, psychological and emotional suffering and how it has been brought about by your own reactions to stress.
This book tells why the hope of a cure is part of the sickness of the soul and explains why "Medical Treatments" often lead to disappointment, other diseases, depression and more.

~ Preview ~

How To Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

2 Sex and the Cancer Personality
3 Cancer is Human Vampirism

4 Animal Magnetism: Woman’s Power Over Man

5 Friends: The Smiling Killers

6 Mans Animal Love: The Shocking Truth
7 Lust, Violence: The Exquisite Torture
8 Regeneration, Generation, Degeneration and Diseases
9 Revealing the Subhuman Man
10 Motive, Motivation, Salvation

11 How to Believe and Have Faith
12 How to Make a Right Decision

1 Are You Being Drained?

People grow on you; they also get under your skin. If you don’t know what has come over you lately and you are not yourself any more, you had better read on.

People attach themselves to you by the way you react to them. Slowly but surely, they drain the life out of you. There exists a class of people who cannot exist unless you die to them. Strangely enough, the victim experiences those reac­tions to the temptation as life for, not from, him. For this rea­son, they will not give up what appear to them as only human feelings. Surely you have experienced the feeling of being drained by seemingly nice but oppressively demanding, peo­ple. For some strange reason, your body is unable to say no; and you are unable to deny them any request. Their sickly love fascinates you and you give your all. If it is true that people do live on one another, what is the reason for this? Doesn’t everyone have his own life source? The answer is no; we do not!

Let us assume there was a time in you life when you knew what was right: You were fair and honest and as long as you held fast to what was highly principled and honorable, the life motivation to act and be was not very far behind. Alas, the day you doubted yourself and believed that the selfish world was right, the moment you were tempted to do what was wrong, you fell away from that gracious way of moving and being and could not get back to where you were. Your nature adapted and you found yourself obliged to follow where you should not go. You also found that you needed to be motivated like an animal or you could not move. Your identity became a displaced, corrupted one and the body that developed around it became more and more animal than human.

You found yourself needing excitement to grow in the only way you knew how–like a beast and at the same time, that excitement also served to help you to forget the truth of what was happening to you, to save the face of your pride which was failing.

It is clear that most people have never had much choice to be any different from what they are. They came into the world preceded by overwhelming pressures that compelled them to react. If you look very carefully at your emotional reactions, you will see that they represent a failing and a stranglehold on your life. By continuing to react, you edge a little closer to hell and you lose a little more real life while you gain a little more worldly identity with its brutish life. Inside, you are not yourself; you are something else!

The closest you might have come to the truth is knowing about the way you were. You may remember knowing better but never doing any better. You may remem­ber that long ago you doubted yourself and then somehow you lost consciousness. For years you were cut off from Reality, you wandered through life in a dream state; but now the pain of this aimlessness is bringing you back to the truth you left behind.

A person who does not have a life centered in Reality is compelled to drain the emotions of friends and enemies; such an egocentric soul needs friends as well as enemies to fulfill his craving for life. A craving for vitality begins at the ego level and goes on to express itself in a variety of destructive ways. As long as you need people, you will hurt or be hurt by friends and lovers; you will also compel enemies to go on being enemies.

~ End of Preview

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