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Be Still & Know - Download
Be Still & Know - Download

Be Still & Know - Download

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Be Still and Know

The age-old practice of meditation brought up to date, now redefined as an exact science for the purpose of helping the individual.

Contains -
  • Introduction  (5 minutes)
  • Exercise        (27 minutes)
  • Discussion     (15 minutes)
The meditation is a technique of subjection to the inner self, which we know as conscience.

The understanding you will gain from daily practice is so profound that you will never find the words to explain your experience to others.

The practice of inner attentiveness will change your perspective on life so radically and rapidly that within a very few days many people will be astonished at your new attitudes and insight.

This meditation contains all the ingredients for perfect self-control which accumulates when practiced daily.

"To break a habit or solve problems, stop trying.

I know it is very important to you, but until now you have not succeeded your way, despite all your efforts.

Put the same attention into your meditation exercise, and you will find that problems will resolve themselves. In a very short while negative habits will give you up, beginning with the last habit to appear.- Roy Masters

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