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Stress And Burnout - Turning It All Around

Posted by Roy Masters on 2/15/2012 to Stress
 In order to deal with stress, we must first define what it is.

For human beings, most stress is simply cruelty, in one form or another, directed at us by other stressed-out human beings, who themselves have been victimized by cruelty and stress in their own pasts.

Just what is it about cruelty that makes it so hard to deal with, and how would you like to overcome your anger at no charge?

The Conscience Within.

Posted by Roy Masters on 2/15/2012 to Conscience
"I wonder if you have given much thought to the meaning of life - where you came from and where you are going".....


 Stress And Burnout - Turning It All Around
 The Conscience Within.

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