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16 page Downloadable E-Pamphlet

Roy Master's pamphlet,
"Knowledge to Save a Nation"
 written in 1968


~ Preview ~

VOL. XLIV April 29, 1968


If the reader will please bear with the controversial material that is presented herein, the veil will part leaving the real reason for all suffering exposed for what it really is.

This offers you, the reader, an escape route to find freedom from misery and suffering. You must pass the torture test of reading these pages.

Careful . . . !

You may have an impulse to tear this book up into little pieces. The lines may begin to merge together or become blurred.  You may become frightened and confused.  Perhaps something within you will not allow you to read these pages.

Once you begin to read and succeed in getting through the first part, you may feel like you are struggling in a swamp, compelled to go on and on.  Yet, if you pass the test of reading, at the end you may see the Light of Truth that will set you free and bring you to health, wealth and happiness forever.


Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States is it declared that AMBITION is a necessary part of being American.

Nowhere does it state that to be a 'good guy'* you must eat hot dogs and be enthused by baseball.

Yet, there are those who would subvert the principles of the Good Life by substituting the precepts of men for the Truth.


Probably the best kept secret is the myth concerning ambition.  What you are about to read will shock you to the very core of your being. This revelation can have one of two effects upon you: The shock will become joy and then a catalyst for a marvelous new attitude lead­ing to a change; or, anger and hatred against these words will produce a peculiar compulsion to forget or misconstrue the meaning of this message out of all proportion to its meaning.

But say it I must, for it is the knowledge that will save a nation!

It is imperative to understand the nature of a problem before we can find a solution.  But part of the trouble is that the reason for our national and personal hang-up is so disgusting that most of us will not face reality because the ego of every man, woman and child in the nation will be indicted. Whether or not it becomes an incrimination or a saving grace is entirely up to you, the reader.

The President's Commission was not far from the real cause of the trouble.  It doesn't take much sense to see that people are burning up with hate, hypocrisy and prejudice. Granted prejudice is the cause of disorder, but what is the root of prejudice?

Our ego finds it difficult to accept the facts.  People in general are insulted when you tell them of their failings. A classic way of escaping knowledge of their faults is to observe the greater faults of others. Judging is not only a national entertainment, but big business too. Judgment is the "court of last resort" when "love" and pleasan­tries of distraction fails to improve our image.

A failing image demands elevation, inferiority struggles vainly to be superior, and the guilty seek to appear guiltless. In this regard the cost of existence goes up as we come down. The cheapest drunk that a person can get is to get "high" on resentment. Resentment (prejudice) is a compulsion, and the very best you can do is mask and justify it.  Every guilty person feels right when he is mad. 

Ever tried to argue with an angry man? All guilty people need anger to feed their judgment of another.

Every member of society is under a compulsion to be prejudiced and hateful,   we haven't got time for lengthy psychoanalysis, which, incidentally, doesn't work anyway.  Since hostility has become an im­portant commodity, we are obliged to justify it and call it normal to allow us the continued privilege of feeling high and mighty. The trouble is, under itself-righteous spell we hurt others; then we are upset again so as not to see what we have done while upset.

Hostility, small or great, is the evidence of a deep-seated error. As long as that secret error exists, so will the growing need for hostility and judgment against another.

You cannot make people right by legislation. The hypocrisy of pretense is far more upsetting than cruelty itself.  Each of us is under a compulsion to hate.  If you can observe this in yourself, you might begin to have compassion for the compulsive hate of another. In the beginning you will be powerless against your own reply of preju­dice because that personal need to judge and hate is "satisfied" by such behavior.  You cannot have true compassion for your brother while you both have the same needs, which require you to get "drunk" over each other’s' faults.  But, when then is that fault.

~ End of Preview ~

This is a 16-Page Downloadable  E-Pamphlet in PDF Format

Customer Reviews
Rating Roy's listener
As I understood this enlightening explanation, It drew a perfect picture of so very many situations, such as: strife or anger between. friends, between siblings, children and parents, lovers,husbands and wives… One needing something from the other, and acting out with resentment when they feel they are not getting it. Baiting the other person to get angry. I understand the antidote for this is non-response thru total absence of any corresponding anger, or hurt or fear or any other emotion.
  Reviewed by:   from Santa rosa, CA 95403. on 8/11/2015
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