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One Time Donation

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To make a one time credit card donation, just select the amount you would like to donate from the drop down list.
The Foundation Of Human Understanding survives purely on purchases and donations from its kind supporters.
Thank you for your support !!
Customer Reviews
Rating Ms.
Mr. Roy Masters. I have been remiss. I have listened to you for decades and never sent you a dime. I am embarrassed that I got so much from....and gave you nothing. It's time to change that. Please accept this small donation as a token of my sincere appreciation. I plan on doing more. This is a start. Thank you for your wisdom and continued guidance. Yes, you have been like a trusted friend, like a father.
  Reviewed by:   from Benicia, CA 94510. on 2/11/2016
Rating Priceless
Words and money are not enough to thank you for your work. I'm sorry I can't do more. Please everybody, help keep this program going. It is very important especially now.
  Reviewed by:   from Boston. on 12/18/2015
Rating My cup overflows.
I have been so out of touch with God and so "into" the world for so long that I have had to listen and re-listen to this lecture (which never gets old or bores me) over and over again. And each time I hear something new. I cry when I see how good God is to give this lecture to me. I mean, I'm a typical lost, not very bright, but searching individual, and here is God. As if I were the prodigal son and my Heavenly Father sees my thoughts of Him as I recognize how I'm getting nowhere fast and wallowing with the pigs. And before I can barely turn around to go back to Him, He comes running towards me. That's how it is here. There's a wealth of goodness in this lecture (and no, Roy, men don't have fewer ribs than women do, ha! But I forgive you for that!)
  Reviewed by:   from Irvine, California. on 6/4/2015

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